English 6th/7th

Week of November 28-December 2

Monday: Read Chapter 16-18 and summarize

Tuesday: Review from previous day, read chapter 19-20, END OF BOOK!

Wednesday: Answer questions over Chapters 16-20

Thursday& Friday: Discuss plot and literary terms, complete plot analysis


Week of November 28-December 2

Monday:3.5 Solving Equations using subtraction pg. 70-71, add to notes, complete pg. 71 (1-15)

Tuesday:3.6 Solving Equations using addition pg. 72-73, add to notes, complete pg. 73 (1-18)

Wednesday:3.7 Solving Equations using multiplication pg. 74-75, add to notes, complete pg. 75 (1-18)

Thursday:3.8 Solving Equations using division pg. 76-77, add to notes, complete pg. 77 (1-18)

Friday: Solving equations using all operations – mixed


Week of November 28-December 2

Monday:Review Triangle Sum Theorem sheet before break

Tuesday: Complete Triangle Sum – mathaid

Wednesday: 5.3 Exterior Angles of a Triangle pg. 128-129, complete section on notes, work problems in book pg. 129 (1-6) together

Thursday & Friday:Exterior angles of a Triangle

English 1st period

Week of November 28-December 2

Monday: Review and discuss book read before break. Read Chapter 20.

Tuesday: Read Chapter 21

Wednesday: Answer questions from Chapter 18-21

Thursday:Take Quiz 3

Friday: Read Chapter 22-23 and answer questions

English 6th/7th

Week of November 7-11

Monday:Answer questions to Chapter 7-9, remind students of examples given on Friday

Tuesday: Chapter 7- Context Clues, Chapter 8- Spelling & Vocab activity

Wednesday: Read Chapter 10-12

Thursday:Chapter 9- picture a character with appropriate adjectives, chapter 10- Grammar activity- verbs

Friday: Chapter 11-Vocabulary using dictionary, parts of speech, Chapter 12- Grammar activity- Personal pronouns


Week of November 7-11

Monday:2.11 Simplifying Expressions, review combining like terms and distributive property, go over examples on board, complete (1-10) pg. 88

Tuesday & Wednesday: continue with simplifying expressions

Thursday: Review for Test – Chapter 2 pg. 59

Friday: Chapter 2 Test pg. 59


Week of November 7-11

Monday:Add Chapter 4 vocabulary words to Geometry notebook, preview project on pg.112-113

Tuesday:Begin One Point Perspective- pg. 112-113

Wednesday: Hand out project sheets and discuss requirements, begin project

Thursday & Friday: class time working on project

English 1st

Week of November 7-11

Monday:Complete Figurative Language Activity using book P-Ch. 16, personification, idiom, metaphor, simile, alliteration, hyperbole, onomatopoeia- working in pairs


Wednesday: Answer questions for Chapter 14-17

Thursday:Handout review for Part 1 of Stargirl test

Friday:continue with review

English 1st period

Week of October 31-November 4

Monday:Read Action Magazine

Tuesday:Summarize Chapter 12&13, Read & discuss Chapter 14-15 Stargirl

Wednesday: Begin questions on Chapter 12-15 *Early Release

Thursday:continue with questions

Friday:Figurative Language Activity Read Chapter 4-6



Week of October 31-November 4

Monday:Complete combonation of 10 problems using notes

Tuesday: Find measurements of 8 angles given one angle


Thursday: Test Review Chapter 4 pg. 19

Friday: Chapter 4 Test